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Essential Fatty Acids

Essential Fatty Acids

The Basics   Before we get into fatty acids, let's go over a few basics. We eat mostly to satisfy the rumblings of our stomach but, if you took a ...
What are "Macros" & Should you track yours?

What are "Macros" & Should you track yours?

Being able to make good choices about the foods that you buy starts with having a basic understanding of macronutrients. Adam from FitCoupleCooks r...
10 Reasons Every Bodybuilder, Runner and Athlete Needs Omega-3s!

10 Reasons Every Bodybuilder, Runner and Athlete Needs Omega-3s!

Are you an athlete pushing your body to the limit?                                                         Omega 3’s have been shown to:  Speed...

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"NO weights were lifted and no exertion whatsoever!"

I saw my 40-odd-year old body get thicker and thicker and when I was unable to button my skinny pants, I got MAD! My metabolism was screaming “HELP”! That’s when I came across a metabolism expert and his carefully crafted essential fatty acid supplements, that I used (with his blessing) *in conjunction* with my already stellar nutritional system… Well, I’ll let you see the difference for yourself. A whole new ME came through! Please note: NO weights were lifted since July of 2017, and no exertion whatsoever!

"I was really frustrated and I wanted to give up."

A friend of mine told me about David and his metabolism-boosting nutritional oil, Liquid Gold. I started working with David and he has been the greatest help in my weight loss journey. I was ASTOUNDED at how he was able to get my metabolism going again! I have reached my goal and I have lost 27 pounds in the process.

I have not been this weight since I got married. I feel absolutely marvelous. I am able to buy clothes that I've always wanted to wear, and I feel great in them. I wanted to thank David. And the body lab coaches for all their hard work and helping me reach my goals. Thank you, David. Thank you Body Lab team. You guys are awesome.”

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My results have been great! The oils help me feel satiated and energized. I don’t crave junk and hardly snack anymore. The main benefit has been the ease at which I have been able to progress toward my weight loss goals. It’s been a slow and steady journey so far, but the results are clear and I am extremely pleased so far. I have way more energy to play with my kids and enjoy exercising again. It has been easy to follow the program once I realized that a splurge doesn’t make or break you. Just enjoy it and reset again tomorrow.

Anna, AZ

"With David help, I dropped 80lbs!! "

Tried different programs only to gain the weight back. What I like about their program is that it focus Metabolism and I don’t have eat special foods
I always had trouble controlling my appetite and David helped by showing how to eat so I I was able to manage my appetite and not feel hungry all the time! I'm feeling great, have more energy, best I felt in years!!

I highly recommend working with David and his team so you too can become 1 of his success stories!!

Dave, CA